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A 'gracht' in Amsterdam

How Dutch!

Wooden clogs and farmer's cheese

@ Leidseplein

Headed to Brugges

Let op! (be aware)

We haven't learned much Dutch other than that, as English is very much the main language. We are having a great time in this incredibly different city. For starters, there are canals all over the place. Neither of us knew the extent of the canal system. And we had heard there are plenty of bikes but there are more than 1 per person, and there are a ton of them flying past you all over the city. All granny bikes, decades old, due to all the theft. There are also trams, mopeds, cars, and pedestrians, and no traffic laws it seems. At least none are enforced. No one wears bike helmets, not even the toddlers bouncing around on them. We'd like to have helmets for walking! The architecture is gorgeous and unlike anything we've seen. circa 1600s. The sun sets at 11, there are hash bars, the red light district, naked men hanging from ropes in the center of Saturday night revelry, and garbage trucks with wide tubes that literally suck all the trash of the cans. We are completely dizzy from this surreal city, but managed to take in the Rijkmuseum and the Anne Frank Huis today. Renting bikes tomorrow! Best to everyone.


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