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Trulli houses with their "magical" symbols

Trulli Village

WOW - the only way to describe this little town. I have never seen anything like it and thought we had arrived at a Smurf Village. The town is made up of Trulli - little houses with conical shaped roofs. Once again we were in World Heritage Land - this time due to the method used to build the Trulli. The oooooollldd days it was forbidden for the poor to use mortar to build their houses, so each house is skilfully built by with well balanced stones. When the tax man used to pay the town a visit to collect house duties the town folk would quickly dismantle their houses to avoid the tax and the reassemble after the tax man had left (a handy trick......) Another feature of the houses were the signs painted on the roof. We tried to get an explanation of the symbols but were told that there wasn't a deep significance to them that they were more aesthetic. They had Pagan, Jewish and Christian origins. The Trulli were definitely worth the long drive!!!

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