Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

These folks are taking the glass botttom boat trip

My swimming partner

The skipper and Gilligan

Our fellow snorkelers

At the reef

There were others

Post snorkel

Me too

The trip back

The boat could move

Another Pennekamp snorkel boat

Hey mom, hey mom we found the geocache

Good job boys

AND we found the second one too!

Nice picture of us

We were able to stay another night at the fabulous John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park here in Key Largo. The funny thing is our site is directly across the campground street from last night. Another great day weather and activity wise. The main event was a snorkel trip to one of the coral reefs. Man o' man it was like swimming in an aquarium. We saw fish of all sizes and colors and saw the beauty of the living reef in all it's splendor. The water we snorkeled in was between 3 and 7 feet so we were right on the reef. You are not allowed to stand when you are in the water but snorkeling is fairly easy. We were in the water for an hour but we could have stayed longer. Next time we will look for a boat that gives us 2 hours water time. That would allow for an hour, a 15 minute boat break and another 45 minutes in the water. The winds were still up yesterday and the water was a bit choppy, but interestingly the reef knocked the water down to a very calm state. When we got back, we set up the camper then Shirley found the two geocaches in the park and I went swimming. Burgers and dogs on the grill for dinner, a dusk walk around the park to the water then off to the land of nod. Just a great day. Enjoy the pics.

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