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Morgan Hill Thousand Trails rainy day

Lots of turkey's in the Morgan Hill TT park

Strutting his stuff.

Happy Birthday

Grandma Darling at 100!

3 generations: Great Grandma Darling, Grandma Patti & Grandpa Denis. Jump a...

My sister's Georgetown front yard. A little snow here and there.

JC's sister's balcony view in Reno.

River through downtown Reno

A little Jazz culture in Reno. Local students sharing their talent.

Art display in Reno. This was colored string thumb tacked to the...

More Reno art.

Children's Discovery Center in Reno. This picture of JC's sister Teresa, JC...

We arrived at the Morgan Hill Thousand Trails Park on March 16. The next 3 weeks were a whirlwind mix of visiting parents, sisters, nieces, and my Grandma for her 100th birthday on March 18. She is really my step-grandmother being my step-dad's mother. My maternal and paternal grandparents died early in my life. So I call this delightful, sweet lady my grandma. We call her Grandma Darling.

She is quite healthy overall. Her memory, eye sight, and hearing are the things that have deteriorated the most. She walks to breakfast, lunch and dinner with a walker almost everyday as long as someone reminds her. We all have our good days and our bad days.

Her birthday party was a delight. In an effort to not overwhelm her, the plan was for us to visit her in her apartment a few of us at a time. That spunky little lady wanted to be with ALL of us and insisted on being in the party room. We did come and go in stages, but it was a full day for her. She kept exclaiming that she could not believe she was really 100. It was wonderful to see her so bright and cheery. Her favorite cake is Pineapple Upside Cake. She had a piece and asked to have all the leftovers. :>)

I visited her one more time. It took her a few minutes, but she remembered who I was and talked endlessly about traveling. Her advice was to do it all sooner than later. I feel so lucky that I will always have that memory of her. But, she is not gone yet!! Happy 100th Grandma Darling.

JC was kept very busy upgrading all my relatives Macs with the new operating system, iCloud and some even bought new. My step-dad, Denis, got himself a new Mac Book Pro. JC and I splurged and bought new iPads. My folks got my first generation iPad and JC's sister got his iPad.

I was very busy having lunch, shopping and spring cleaning (purging) the rig. How can two people accumulate stuff in 400 sq. feet?! Way too easy no matter how hard we try. We made a big decision when we attended the FMCA Rally in Indio to buy a couch. We had pulled the original couch out and put a secretary roll top desk and a lazy boy in it's place. Between his and hers desks and lazy boy chairs there is not room for visitors to sit. I also had a butcher block table/cabinet/island that measured 18 x 30 inches and weighs a ton. I really liked it, but it was time to downsize. I will really miss my roll top desk, but I am looking forward to having a couch.

So I found a cute little butcher block replacement that is half the size and a third the weight. I ordered it on-line with the caveat that "some assembly is required". Oh my goodness. It came in pieces. Not one single part of it was assembled. The one good thing was that it was made in the USA, so the 10 pages of instructions were in readable english. :>) It was a real jigsaw puzzle. The back panel was badly cracked and needed replacing. The company was very cooperative and shipped out a new one.

So what happens to all the cooking utensils that were in that big drawer? What about all the stuff in four drawers and cubby holes in the desk? It was time for some major purging. I found 18 paperback books, all read, stuck in this corner and that corner of the overhead cabinets. I found handout material, park maps, brochures, and on and on. Some of it was 4 years old! I figure I threw away at least 50 lbs. in paper alone. One of my sisters gave me a handy, small and lightweight 3 drawer plastic thing with wheels. Got all those project materials, office supplies and a few memorabilia items in it. It now sits in my closet. This story could go on and on because I needed to clean out one place to put stuff from another. It was tedious, but very cleansing.

The butcher block and old couch are now on Craiglist looking for a new home.

A small oval coffee table also came with the rig when we bought it. So it along with the original couch were in my mother's library. I took the coffee table back so I would have something for the time being. I am shopping for a Lift-top style coffee table.

The new couch will be installed in Woodland, WA on April 25th. I am not exactly sure how all of this will play out as far as using my laptop and whatnot. But, I am really looking forward to having our living space look and feel more roomy and have someplace for guests to sit. Once it is all done, I will post before and after photos.

The other thing that took up several days was visiting doctors. It has been 6 months since JC's last cancer treatment. It is time for a PET Scan. JC also developed a sinus infection when we were in Why, AZ. After a regime of amoxicilan, the infection just would not go away. So we found an ENT with the help of his insurance company, got the infection attended to with something a little stronger and got a good, clean PET Scan. So sign of tumors or cancer cells of any kind. That is so COOL!

I was overdo for my annual physical, blood tests, mammogram, etc, etc. I got a pretty good clean bill of health. My family has a history of high blood pressure. Mine is under control with the help of some meds. All other important tests were all good. Thank you very much.

The three weeks in Morgan Hill went really fast. I really needed another week just to rest from the first three. But, it was time to move one.

Our next stop was Placerville. I have a sister that lives in Georgetown about 30 miles away. We stayed at an Elks Lodge. Sue & Stan have a really nice home just outside of town. Everyones dream of a cabin in the mountains. It was such a nice visit. We hung around the house, played games, JC upgraded their Mac machines too. It was nice to stay home. No shopping or errands to run.

We also had the good fortune to visit our dear friends, Rosanna & Carolyn at their new cottage. This mother and daughter team are the good hearted souls that ran a ranch called Paws & Hooves in Arizona for old or sickly animals. We had visited them for Thanksgiving and found out about their exciting new adventure moving to Placerville. It was time for them to retire and make life a little simpler in the beauty of the mountains and trees. We also got extra lucky and met up with Laurie & Odel (Laurie and Rosanna are cousins). We had a wonderful visit and food to die for.

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