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Wiki Info Platres

Wiki Info Mt.Olympus Cyprus

Went to Troodos and Platris (of Mount Olympus, but just one of many, ha!) by bus from a station 1.5km. from our hotel. Bus left promptly at 9:30. Once there we had to decide which trail to hike in order to catch the last (3:30) bus back to Lemesos. It turns out we have no real choice because the trails mostly begin 7 km away from Troodos. The LP guidebook does not explain this and the tourist literature is not clear on this point either! So there is only one option remaining, the Caledonian trail which parallels the creek once you hike down 4km on the old road to the trailhead (which is likewise poorly marked).

Info on Waterfall Trail

Because it was spring we saw lots of very early flowers - crocus, rock cress, etc. - but mostly it was the beautiful weather and wooded trail that was our adventure. Since the water was relatively high we had to wade the creek many times, very refreshing on the feet. It had snowed less than a week ago so this was adding to our exciting time. A Dutch couple was hiking more or less the same time although a bit ahead so they were good guides, when we came to crossings they had already found the best way. We were able to return the favor along the way when 'Jack', Dutch fellow, lost a sandal in the creek and it got caught in an eddy in a particularly inaccessible spot. After we threw many rocks at it to dislodge it it from it's circular floating pattern, finally I was able to hook it with a long stick and retrieved it for him. It had become a challenge which I could not turn from, ha!

What had initially we expected to be a 1 to 2 hour simple walk in the woods (down hill no less) had turned into a 4 hour adventure. Made it back to Platres with 10 minutes to spare!

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