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What a setting for swimming with the Dolphins

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Completing a jump

Dolphin painting a tee shirt

You lookin' at us?

I got my eye on you

They had some birds too

Water activity center for kids

Our lunch spot

Someone has to be here



State Park

State Park

Sea grapes

Days end

The Dolphin Research Center (DRC) is withing walking distance of our campground and that was yesterday's main event. This is the place where the TV show Flipper was filmed. It is now a research center dedicated to studying dolphin behavior. While most of the Dolphins were born at the DRC they also do some Dolphin rescue. Evidently captivity really appeals to them because they look happy and perform incredible stunts. One in particular caught our eyes. They put blinder cups on one of the two dolphins performing so they can't see the hand signal given to the other. Then the blinders come off and the signal is given to go (but not the stunt). Each time the blindfolded dolphin copied exactly the maneuver od the other one. There were many dolphins and we could watch them close up in other pens when they weren't being worked with and they were watching us too. Very neat place. Then we went to lunch on the water at Key Colony, drove to a Curry Hammock state park and got a free pass to look at the campground. When we came back, Shirley took a nap and I went swimming. Another gorgeous day. We are packing up and heading north to Key Largo today. Enjoy the pics.

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