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Hello everyone

Apologies for going awol for nearly a month. Internet is so expensive up here that i dont dare go on too often.

So this email is being typed at the speed of light.....ouch hot fingers!

Well i thought i would give you an update of our Snow lives.

Natalie and i have decided to give up on the ridiculous sport they call snow boarding. Emma has taken to it like a duck to water....but the story is a different one for nat and i.

After 1 lesson, the other 2 decided it would be a good idea to go up a lift to the top of a really big huge mountain and board down it...2 problems a) i cant stand up on a board b) how the hell do you get off a chair lift?

after 15 mins of me stamping my feet (nothing to do with the cold but more my hissy fit) and refusing to get on the lift they finally convinced me. It was go pretty and quiet up there that i started to think it was a good idea......big mistake...huge!!!

as the platform loomed closer and closer my breathing got shallower and shallower. Emma and Nat were on the chair in front of me and the were give me the thumbs up and other such nonsense to try and calm me down. One of the lads we work with was holding my hand and putting a brown paper bag over my face and trying to talk me through the process of getting of the lift. Emma and nat got off and promptly wobbled a bit and fell over...then it was my turn....i stood up too soon- stacked it..remembered to duck my head so that i didnt cut my head open on the chair lift, then felt something go 'thwack' into my side. The stupid lift girl was off having a fag break so hadnt stopped the lift and the 'thwack' was 2 little kids and their grandma skiing into my thigh...then another chair full decided to land on me.....i was crying and screaming by this point as were the hundred people on top of me.

i eventually extracted myself from the human snow ball...cried for about 5 mins..then walked back down the bloody mountain carrying my board. Some smart arse lady on the chair lift shouted down at me 'it works better if you put it on your feet' i will not insult your ears with the reply i gave her.

Nat, bless her, spent the whole time on her bum - managing a world record of 3 seconds stood up - her whole snow boarding career.

So we threw our boards back at the rental manager. strapped on a pair of skis and i havent looked back.

i have had 2 lessons now and i love it...nat is an expert already so i refuse to speak about her...and emma is coming on leaps and bounds with her boarding.

Apart from that we are busy little bees. Had the busiest day of the season yesterday..48 check ins (thats 48 time i had to smile, say 'welcome to mount hotham' and direct them to the rental shop) - thats about 400 beds for Nat/Em to make up.

Talking of making up beds. Nat got called into one of our newest Chalets to do their beds the other afternoon..they were out but the Lebanese Grandma was in. She stood there and watched Nat struggle with all the sheets and babbled away to her in lebanese and then walked up to Nat and shoved an after eight mint in her mouth. Literally she didnt offer it to her or anything. Just stuck it in her mouth like a baby..oh the joy of mountain work.

So life here is hectic as ever..i promise not to leave it so long next time

love to you all

Vikki , Em & Nat

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