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Sevilla!!!! The weekend after Nerja our program took us on a weekend overnight trip to the capitol of Andalucía: Sevilla. We left bright and early Saturday morning, and our first stop was Itálica: an old Roman city with lots of really cool Roman ruins. After about an hour tour we all got back on the bus and headed straight to lunch (thankfully! we were all extremely hungry and just slightly cranky). The last 15 minutes of a tour with 25 hungry college students is not very pleasant...

We had a group lunch at a restaurant called El Cabildo where we had a delicious menú del día (that's Spanish for A LOT OF FOOD FOR A CHEAP PRICE) paid for by the program! Then we were walked to our hotel to drop off our stuff and were given the rest of the day free to explore Sevilla with nothing but a map and our curiosity. This turned out to be awesome as a group of girls and I just decided to wander Sevilla, taking our time at cool little places we took a liking to. We actually just happened to stumble upon the Plaza de España: probably one of my most favorite places that I have visited thus far in all of Spain. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and the plaza was so pretty (even though the day we went there happened to be no water in the little moat around the center of the plaza...) Later we had a small dinner and called it a night.

The next day we ate breakfast together in the hotel, and then set out on a tour of the Barrio de Santa Cruz (a really cool neighborhood where the Jewish community used to live before being expelled by the Catholic kings) as well as the Reales Alcázares (yet another Spanish fortress, this one being very similar to the Alhambra with a lot of Arabic influence in the decoration and architecture of the buildings). Afterwards we got yet another menú del día from El Cabildo, had some more free time to roam the city (which we used to explore more of the Barrio de Santa Cruz and hit up all of the souvenir shops), then met up in Plaza de España for our departure back to Granada.

Overall, a wonderful trip to Sevilla!

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