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We had arranged yesterday to meet Valerie, French gal, at the bus station for the 8:30am bus to Salamis ruins (she is staying in Girne and 'commuting' to the various historic sites which seems very smart to me in retrospect). Sure enough she appears just as we walk up 10 min. before departure, a quick exchange of what our interval days were each like and off we went.

Our explore of Salamis and this Royal Tombs a short walk away takes us the entire 4+ hours we have before meeting the return bus at 1:20pm.

Back in Magusa we make our plans for tomorrow going to Guzelyurt. Since the only way to see the sites is in a tour(difficult to arrange and expensive)

or a shared taxi we decide to meet at the bus station in Guzelyurt at 9am and see if between the 4 of us we can afford a taxi.

Again, Valerie returns to Girne and we bus onward first to Lefkosa the second bus to Guzelyurt. Seems like a good plan and even the bus drivers are very helpful getting us onto the right buses on time and in Lefkosa the driver makes a special stop at the right bus station for a bus to Guzelyurt leaving immediately. As it turns out this big bus fills as we drive around town and empties all along the way in the small country villages. It's like a school bus for adults who must make this trip every day - a commute with the driver knowing every passenger's stop both getting on and off. Meanwhile, we get a tour of the countryside to boot!

Bon had read Valerie's guidebook which was new and just covered Cyprus - it said there were 2 hotels and a pencion in Guzelyurt. Once there we hiked to each, the pencion was closed and both hotels were way too much $$ for our budget. Having just blown a bunch two days ago on a trip up the peninsula, we did not like what we faced here! The alternative was to go back to Girne or Lefkosa so since neither hotel was budging on price we headed back to the bus station by 6:15!

Last bus out left at 6! Stuck again we trudged out to the 'cheaper' of our 2 options and sucked it up most grumpily! We determined now that at least N Cyprus is definately NOT for independent budget travellers!

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