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Kidwelly Castle gatehouse

Kidwelly Castle & the beautiful Welsh countryside

Kidwelly Castle

Kidwelly's local weapons experts

My cosy Old Forge Pumphouse Annexe

A very lazy Sunday morning followed by an equally quiet afternoon. The weather is cold & overcast although so far it hasn’t rained but not a good outdoors day. This morning I read yesterday’s Times which took a while – it’s a big paper.

I needed to do something so I went for a drive to Kidwelly which is just down the road, however it's a bit of a process because first I have to open then close the gate so the dogs don’t get out, then I have to do the same at the top of the drive so the free-range chooks don’t get out. The dogs are useless but at least the chooks have left me ½ a dozen beautiful fresh eggs.

The Easter bunny left me a little bowl of goodies in the cottage when I arrived yesterday as well as the eggs, a loaf of bread, some milk & butter which was all very thoughtful. I have floor heating so it’s very cosy but the little fridge doesn’t have a freezer which means I’ll have to drink my Bacardi & coke without ice – maybe I’ll just drink wine this week.

I went 5 minutes down the road to Kidwelly Castle which I’d heard was one of the most complete Norman castles still around. I was greeted at the drawbridge but 2 friendly old blokes in costume who were there giving demonstrations of archery & some of the other medieval weapons. They were very good but it got too cold standing & watching them so I explored the rest of the castle then came home for lunch.

I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon reading up on South Wales although the weather forecast isn’t very good for the rest of the week so it might stop me from doing some of the outdoors things, especially along the coast. Tomorrow sounds like the worst day but there’s a couple of museums in Swansea which sound like they might keep me busy.

I forgot to wish you all a Happy Easter last night & I also forgot to update my map to show you where I am. I really must have been tired.

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