Greg & Amy's World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

The smallest plane ever!

Going up...

...coming down!

Phew, the parachute opened!

There goes the safety of the plane!


Beach as far as the eye can see


Beware Cassawories!

Barra & Chips!

The main reason for coming to Mission Beach was for skydiving over the ocean with a landing on the beach! Mission Beach itself is an incredibly long, beautiful beach backed by swaying palm trees with sensational views over Dunk Island. It's the stuff dreams are made of!

The best day of all was the day of our skydive. After a nervous morning waiting, we were picked up and whisked to the tiny airport where we received a whole 10 mins (wow) of instruction. Then we hopped in the smallest plane we've ever seen and took off for the 20 minute journey up into the clouds. From take-off the views were stunning, the tropical forests leading to the bright blue waters. At the highest we could even see the barrier reef.

By the time we were in the plane the nerves had gone and adrenaline had taken over. The fact that there was no door on the plane didn't deter us, even though Amy had to hold on to stop herself falling out. But at 14,000 feet, the time had come to do exactly that - jump out (or rather fall out)! One at a time (or two if you count the instructors strapped to us) we shuffled to the open door and didn't have time for contemplation as we were virtually thrown out into the open. Amy went first and Greg watched as she seemed to be swallowed up at incredible speed, with an almighty wooshing sound!

The initial rush was indescribable and for the 60 seconds freefall we hardly knew what was going on - except that the ground was getting closer and closer. The pressure grew greater until we reached our max speed of 200km/h - it felt fast! Our faces began to wobble like jelly until suddenly the parachute opened and we were jerked back to somewhat reality as we slowly floated back to the beach, enjoying the spectacular views as we did so. It took 6 minutes to get down in total but it felt really fast and it was hard to remember what we had just done - lucky we got the DVDs!

What better way to celebrate our survival than Barra and Chips (Aussie speciality) on the beach at sunset. It felt good to be alive.

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