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Up early to 8:30am ferry... 1 Folks at Helena Hotel were kind enough to give us yogurt in plastic aluminum foil covered containers plus we could grab some bread & other items to take with since we are leaving pre-breakfast to catch our ferry... A FAST ferry Catamaran to Kos...almost full of passengers including a couple groups of young people! Since a ferry left yesterday on this route, I might assume lots of these folks are returning from an overnight trip to Rhodes (Sat-Sun)...First stop Symi

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where half the passengers get off (maybe lots are day trippers?). At the port in Kos another crowd of us depart but this time almost as many board heading for the ferry destination, Kalymnos.

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We are immediately asked by a middle aged man if we are looking for a place to stay. As usual, we are at first hesitant, maybe a bit suspicious. But this has now happened a couple of times w/good result so we pursue it. He volunteers the price right off, $30 euro for the 3 of us. Bon asks if it has 3 beds, 'Yes.' How far? Just 5 minutes, in the town center. Having no map we are at a disadvantage here so we opt for 'We'll take a look!' after a short pow wow. He gets a taxi (he's on a moped) which takes us the 5 min. drive to city/town center. We take a look...2 beds & a 'convertable sofa' , shared bath across the hall. Josephine (young adult daughter speaks good English) smilingly welcomes us along with her not-so-good-English speaking mother, Jasmine. We decide it is 'OK' for 1 night and then find out we also pay for the taxi! "But it includes breakfast!" - Josephine..."Good deal, no?" What do you say? They are very friendly, the place is clean, and although the bathroom is occupied right now she assures us the girls are leaving so it will be only us! Deal closed! Jasmine (the mom), brings us tea/coffee and explains haltingly that should we need anything, they are just downstairs and the place is open all night. In some countries this would not be a positive thing, place unlocked but we have found Greece to be very open and no signs of crime problems such as petty theft. The people are very trusting, perhaps the small island mentality. We walk around town after buying ferry tickets to Bodrum, Turkey leaving 3:30pm tomorrow. See photos. Old ruins lie right in the middle of town, quite unremarkable for their lack of 'restoration' but then this place has been hit a number of times by violent earthquakes which have destroyed much of the town several times in ancient days and 1933 most recently. Thus, the 'improvements' have been thwarted and rubble mixed up/used for new construction many times over during/after quakes as well as changes in rulers and religions. SOS. We quite enjoyed the jumble of it all, gives the imagination a whirl for a change. Food as usual...Greek pizza and Greek salads.

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