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***Favorite pastime by males, sitting at cafes and drinking Greek coffee in tiny cups...and talking!

***Lots of smoking both male and female, many roll their own.

***We've seen many wind generators on mountain tops and quite a few solar installations, especially on house tops w/ tanks, presumably for water heating.

***Agriculture is very uniformly olives (10 times more acrage than grapes), grapes (three times the a rage of citrus), and citrus (oranges), though there is a great variety of veggies in the market as well.

***Breads are varied, no more French baguettes exclusively, yeh!

***Their yogurt IS truely the best I've tasted AND it tastes nothing like the fake stuff passed off as Greek in Missoula!

***There seems to be a divide between Greeks who want to return to their prior currency, the drachma, and those who are committed to the euro claiming if they left it they would lose 70% of the value of their currency. Of course, if the fled the euro and defaulted on their debt it would essencially be wiped out, a clean slate. The effect would harm only the wealthy, the poor or mid-level income folks may experience a short temporary depression but nothing like what now they are facing, 10-? years of low/no/backward growth!

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