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1929 Bridge over Pine Creek

Pine Creek Bridge Reflections

Tree of Tenacity

Following a family up the trail

On the trail

Slick-rock Paintbrush

Little Beauties

Growing right out of the Slickrock

Steep drop-offs

Tree on the edge

LONG roots

Roots taking up the path looking for water and support

Trail rails

Overhang on trail

Hanging garden of Maidenhair ferns under overhang - water seepage

John hugging rock

Tree hugging rock

Tree and paintbrush

Growing in flatrock

Switchback on the road leading from Pine Creek Bridge to the Tunnel...

People on the overlook

Tree on the edge

View from the top

Tree growing UNDER rock

Trail over nothing but air

Hanging out over air!

Sue hugging rock

Canyon Overlook Viewpoint

Chippy on the edge

Enjoying the view - spent quite some time up there

Where we were on top!

Hiking up to Weeping Rock

Tree split rock

Under Weeping Rock - colors on wall from dripping water and lichens

Weeping Rock - water is 1200 years old

Oregon Grape

Scrub Live Oak - looks like holly bush

Date: March 27, 2012

Tonight’s Location: Zion National Park

Mileage: End -

Start -

Total Miles for the day:

Weather: sunny, warm

Temperature: start 43º

High 73º

Wildlife count: Chipmunk, Rock Squirrel, Mule Deer, Merganzers, Mallard, Canyon Wren, Peregrine Falcon, White-crowned Sparrows, Gold Finches,

We had almost given up on the Canyon Overlook Trail, because all of the available parking was taken when we would pass the area. However, this morning, we decided to photograph the historic Pine Creek Bridge, as we had seen some wonderful reflections there earlier. The Pine Creek Bridge was built in conjunction with the tunnel that connects Zion by overland route #9 to Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. In a note on the bridge: “Built of native sandstone and ashlar masonry, and designed to complement its natural surroundings, this bridge is a superb example of ‘National Park Service-Rustic’ stone bridge engineering. It is unaltered and retains structural integrity. The Pine Creek Bridge is significant for its association with the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway, constructed by the National Park Service and Bureau of Public Roads in 1927-30. The highway is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered significant in the contexts of tourism and engineering. The bridge is an integral and necessary component of the highway, and is also significant for its rustic style, designed to harmonize with the local setting.”

Thought we might try the Overlook when we got through the tunnel, and there was one spot just vacated – we even had to turn around to get to it. What a hike! What a view! It was breathtaking – see pictures.

One of the things that has amazed us is the trees that grow out of rock – there are several in today’s pictures – a testament to tenacity!

We then tried to get to Weeping Rock, but the parking area was jammed – it is the parking for several trailheads. So, we came home – had a quick bite, and relaxed. Mike came over for a Filet Mignon dinner around 4 pm, as he was working today – we are so appreciative of his sharing this beautiful place with us.

After dinner, we tried Weeping Rock one more time, and we were able to park easily – almost no one there! It was a short hike, but very well interpreted, with signage explaining all of the various plants. And sure enough, it was weeping! The water that has percolated through the sandstone has been documented to be 1200 years old. It takes THAT long for the water to go through. Some water in the park up higher is over 4000 years old, since it rained. Wow, this is an OLD place, and so lovely.

We picked up some computer programs from Mike and headed for home to process the pictures.

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