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Eileen and Ally (friends since the first day of our intensivo class!)

Welcome to Nerja!

the beautiful beach we spent most of our weekend on



After lots of homework, some tests, trips with the program, etc. a group of 6 other girls and I decided that we needed a nice little relaxing vacation away in Nerja: a beautiful beach town south of Granada on the Mediterranean.

We took a bus ride Saturday morning out to the town and got in around 11:30 or so. Half of the group was super energetic and ready to walk all the way out to see the famous Nerja caves whereas myself and two others were tired of the long bus ride,and were ready to just hang out right on the beach for the rest of the day. After dropping our stuff off at the hostel (a very nice hostel for only about 10 euro a night) we walked a quick 10 minutes straight to the beach and nearly fell asleep on a wonderful little sand/rocky beach on the water. The rest of the day we spent exploring a little as well as laying out at another beach down the road. Later that evening all 7 of us had a delicious dinner at a nice Italian restaurant near our hostel (we even sat outside because the weather was so nice!)

The next day was devoted to an intense tanning session (we hadn't been getting enough sun in Granada!), so we all got a big American breakfast at a restaurant near the water, then parked ourselves on the same beach that we stayed at the day before. We ended up spending about 4 hours there! A few of us even dove into the water (which was freezing).

Finally after grabbing some lunch, we headed to the bus station (10 minutes from our hostel as well), hopped on the bus, and made our way back to Granada. Definitely a weekend very well spent!

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