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welcome to Toledo!

getting coffee in a cool little TeterĂ­a

man working on the metal souvenir

what he was working on

Catedral de Toledo

hanging out with Don Quijote

cute little bookstore we stumbled upon

Final side trip to Toledo after a long weekend away from Granada. This trip was kind of unorganized in the sense that we were basically dropped off with maps of the city and were told to meet back up for lunch before the bus ride home 4 hours later. Being somewhat confused about where to go or what to do a small group of 3 girls and I decided to just wander through the streets of Toledo. We went into a few little souvenir shops here and there and made our way in a big circle around the city.

I really liked the atmosphere of Toledo, it had a sort of small-town feel to it, which I love (because as many of you know big cities kind of scare me). One of the things Toledo is known for is its metal-working. By chance we found a little shop where we watched a man work on a small metal souvenir for a little while. After that we continued to wander and went into a small "museum," which contained "El entierro del Conde Orgaz": one of the most famous paintings done by El Greco who, after being rejected by the king in Madrid, worked in Toledo for most of his life. After having studied the artist and the painting in class it was really cool to see it close up in real life: very impressive.

Finally, after a longggg trip away, it was really nice to head back to Granada once again!

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