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Catedral de Segovia



fiesta by the aqueduct

some of the many random costumes we saw

holding up the aqueduct

last picture in front of the aqueduct I promise!

Alcázar de Segovia (aka Snow White's castle)

in front of the castle with Ingrid and Eileen

lunch in the sunny plaza!

Side-trip to Segovia! A wonderful smaller city a couple hours from Madrid famous for its enormous Roman aqueduct (made without the use of cement or any other material to hold its pieces together...pretty impressive). Lots of pictures in front of this amazing structure!

The other main "attraction" here was its Alcázar (fortress/palace), which was actually used as the inspiration for Snow White's castle! We took a tour here with a guide who had grown up there. He was very popular as he greeted nearly 10 different people within an hour and a half tour, and everyone's hearts melted a little after he greeted an older lady who we found out later was his kindergarten teacher! Segovia had a wonderful small city feel to it, and it is one of the few cities I have visited that I could see myself staying in for a long period of time other than Granada.

After the tour we walked around the city for a little and then a couple girls and I had a traditional Spanish lunch outside in a beautiful plaza with live music playing. There was some sort of festival (I believe it was for the end of carnival?), so there were a bunch of people ini random costumes parading all around the city. It was AWESOME.

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