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By now I'm sure you have all heard about the Terrorism attack that caused four explosions in the tubes and 1 on a city bus. I was at John's house at the time, applying for jobs on recruiters websites so I was safe enough. John and Rena had passed through one of the affected tube stations 20 minutes before the explosions on their way to work so were lucky to not have been involved. Cell reception went down for a time meaning that Mum and Dad could not get hold of me. When it came back up I received various increasingly concerned voicemails, and this was actually the first I had heard of the whole incident!

Since the attacks more than 1 person has pointed out the irony of me being able to travel for 2 months mostly by myself in South America with no problems, then only managing 2 days in London before the place starts blowing up.

So yes, an interesting time to be looking for a job in London.

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