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Bruised thigh

Well, decided as the rugby was on and it was my last Saturday in Rio I would head down to the local Irish pub for a few drinks with the local Lions supporters. 7 pints later it was closing time so we were trying to settle the bill (which, in Rio is done when you leave). Unfortunately, everyone else was trying to do the same thing, and Brazilians (and South Americans generally for that matter) are not good at cueing, with everyone trying to push in front of everyone else. It was not long before I was involved in a staring competition with one of the locals trading a few shoves. The situation dissipated when te bouncers told the other fella to bugger off, much to my relief.

So then I tried to leave the pub, managing three steps down before falling down the rest. Felt OK at the bottom, but the next morning my thigh was pretty messed up. See photo for damage.

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