Denise & Tony's UK & Europe Trip June - August 2005 travel blog

A fountain in the main street

Items and body cast found

Items and body cast found

Remains of a bakery

Sections of the unearthed city

Ruins uncovered

Street with shops on the left

Victim recovered trying to protect himself

House of a wealthy nobleman

adecrotive walls of wealthy owners house

Inside a wealthy owners house

One of the streets with housing on each side - Streets were...

Remains of a temple

Overcast but warm. We had a late start this morning 9.30pm. Went to Pompei. We did a guided tour of some of the excavtions. The town was buried under 25metres of ash in 79AD. We saw the temple of Apollo, the temple of Zeus, dwellings and casts of people who had been frozen in time. There were cobbled streets with high paths. They also had road crossings which were 4 stones the height of the paths - about 18 inches high. He reason for the crossings was that the streets doubled as open sewers. From Pompei we then proceeded to Bari, the port from which we took the ferry to Patras. We had a loverly meal on board and celebrated the 21st birthday of one of our fellow passengers. We all then retired for the night to our cabins which all had a view of the Ionian sea.

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