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Lunchtime at Port Macquerie

Lunchtime at Port Macquerie

The bird following us around

Serene Ang

Packed beach


Ang eager to join in the race

And theyre off

Splashing good fun

The winners, well almost

After a few really nice days in Sydney we knew that we had to put some miles behind us and head towards Brisbane. We made a decision to head for a place called South West Rocks which is on the coast very roughly halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. It was so hot and the drive took in total about 4 and a half hours so both of our old hips were in Doc. We stopped at a place called Port Macquarie which was quite a big town and had an amazing beach which we stopped at and took a couple of photos before having a butty and a cup of tea in the shade, what a life I hear you say..

I thought it would have been nice to stay in Port Macquarie but the camp site at South West Rocks was really good and very close to the beach plus they had a special offer on at $20 per pitch per night which is about half price, I would have booked the next 4 months there but we decided on 3 nights. By the time we got settled in it was too late to think about going to the beach and there was a great pool at the site with a waterfall in it so we just chilled by the pool. As with most things especially where there is an offer there is usually a bit of a down side and there is a great big family of Pykies (great south London word) who’s intentions seem to be to breed, smoke and drink themselves into oblivion which they continued to do long into the night although fortunately far away from our pitch. We met a group of people that night whilst we sat at the camp kitchen table and they were doing a swim across the bay. It was a 2.6km open water swim and they told us all about it so we planned to go and see it even though it was 10 in the morning and we don’t normally get started that early these days.

That night we planned to have the remainder of our special sausages (calm down ladies) but our food was nicked from the fridge (again, 2nd time now) Ang was really mad and stormed off to reception but nothing they can do really. It is a rare occurrence but a pain in the bum when it happens. We had the leftovers of our lamb curry (always better after a day in the container) and knocked back the bottle of treminer we bought in the hunter valley, great combination.

Anyway the next day we just spent on the beach, it was a 15 minute trek through the bush opposite the camp and there appeared to be a small plague of crickets on the deck who flew away as you approached like a curtain opening, a bit disconcerting especially when you could here them all moving in the undergrowth. When we got to the beach it was fantastic, we were one of only 4 people on a stretch of beach that must have been 3 km long in a big crescent shape. There was a bit of surf up so we dumped the stuff, got lubed up on sunscreen and dashed into the water. We had a great time for about an hour body surfing and recovering Ang’s bikini top after every wave, most amusing for me at least. We got out and sunbathed for about another hour then got back into the water for another play about. When we got out we were drying off and no less than 10 feet away a small pod of dolphins were copying our moves leaping out of the water in the surf it was amazing.

We thought the kitchen would be rammed with our drunken distant neighbours but they had planned a night out en masse and so we had the whole kitchen to ourselves. We just had pasta and wine and watched some big bang theory on you tube, a good laugh and you forget how long it is since you have bothered to watch any TV. We keep up with the news on the BBC website along with the atrocious way in which Liverpool are playing, it’s a life sentence I am afraid as all you Palace fans know too well. On the Sunday, our final full day here we went down to watch the swimmers get ready and swim the 2.6km across the bay. We saw our friends from Friday night and when they had all swam off we walked the whole way around the bay and met them at the finish. I was knackered walking I don’t know how they can swim it. Anyway it was great to see them all come in and we managed to grab a dring and a slice of watermelon from the finish line before we went up on a recommendation to get some ice cream, Ginger for me and Mango for Ang – not bad at $1.50! The only fly in the ointment was that we had to walk all the way back to the van which was parked by an old Gaol called Trial Bay Gaol. There was actually a campsite there right on the beach but overall we thought ours was ok. We plan to go on the beach later in the afternoon for a final swim and get ready for our next jaunt up towards Byron Bay before heading to Brisbane for a couple of days then off to see friends we met in NZ who live above on the Gold Coast.

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