Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Collins & her Fairy Garden

Digging in the dirt

The Boys giving moral support

Scott attaching hose reel

Cows in the pasture

Don and Jeanne

Ted, Bonnie and moi

Creative parking for 4

Shirley and Collins went shopping for outdoor plants and flowers. Collins works at a nursery so locating plants was not a problem. They had a great time putting them in the yard. Don and I grabbed some serious pool time, played billiards and generally goofed off. Jeanne had a relaxing day vegging and getting ready for dinner with Ted and Bonnie. We dined on chicken kabobs, salad, rice and Publix cold slaw. We all had a great time chatting and laughing. Sorry Shirley couldn't be with us but happy she is spending a few days with Collins and Scott. She will be heading to our other daughter's house (Darci) tomorrow. Enjoy the pics.

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