~ Heading west ~ Thornton-Ericsson family vacation to the USA 2012 travel blog

Today we left the dessert. Melissa, the kids and I drove off to visit Santa Maria. We had a great drive. We stopped to see these really cool, probably life size, dinosaurs. We were able to walk into one. We really enjoyed that.

Then our trip took us through the city of LA. WOW! What traffic! but it was nice to see different things like the Hollywood sign and stuff. After a while we hit the 101 and saw the ocean. It's so beautiful. How the waves hit the shore...just beautiful!

Since it was still light we decided to drive over the pass instead of continuing on the 101. Going through the mountains was breathtaking! We went past some really beautiful places and even drove past the road that would have taken us to Neverland ranch. Being the MJ fan that she is, Julia would have loved to have gone there. We'll see if we can do it on our way to Ventura.

We arrived in Santa Maria at 8 pm. It was really nice to see Aunt Lucy, Lizzy and Diana. The kids just loved their cousin Diana and played and played until they couldn't keep their eyes open.

Great day!

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