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After all the excitement of an incredible 31/2 weeks, it was time to go home :(

The last day was a bit more relaxed after all the things we did the day before. We went snorkelling and then decided to play some silly games in the pool, races of course! Richard didn't cheat at all.

He also definitely didn't think that on his last day he would risk a few minutes in the sun without a full covering of sun cream. Having been laughed at for 3 weeks wearing factor 50 and looking like a snowman, how much damage could 15 minutes do!? Well, the answer is a lot! And never again :(

It wasn't as bad as all that but given that I get cross with people who get sunburned I really should listen to my own advice!!!

In the evening we went on a sunset cruise which is where they take you out and go very slowly around the local islands on a bigger boat, having a gentle look out for dolphins but not pursuing them. They had some drinks for us and we watched the sun go down.

Up very early the next morning for a quick breakfast and then onto the seaplane before our flight home.

Thank you to all of you for everything you gave us on this trip, I hope we have given you a flavour of the Honeymoon and I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Richard and Elizabeth xxx

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