Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Sewing room at Hanna Park in the Rec room

Getting instructions for our nature walk on the beach

The Naturalist telling us about shells

Before she told us, I knew it was a dead female crab

Gathering around to see

Our friends Vernon and Mitzi

The day began with a nature walk on the beach with a naturalist. Beautiful morning and she was very interesting but my mind always wonders to the water. Then we met up with our property manager Cindy Morgan and began looking for a house that is DONE rather than spending a ton of money upgrading our home in Neptune Beach. This a thought my father gave us when he said if you are going to spend big bucks converting your duplex to a single family why not just sell it and buy one that's done. Makes sense but what we saw was way out there cost wise. Anyway, there will be more on the market when we get serious in 6 months and we can always still redo. Cindy's husband Guy worked up some comps on houses in the market and our home has escalated in price very nicely, even with the economic downswing. The three of us walked to all the houses since they were close to our's. We even went into our upstairs apartment as tenants are changing. The house and the apartment look super. Thanks Morgan Property Management for doing such a great job! We then went to another of our favorites for lunch, the Sun Dog. This restaurant was the first to open in the fledgling stages of the restoration of Neptune and Atlantic Beaches. They made an excellent decision and are now one of the cornerstones of this community. We also stopped to visit with the folks who sold us our Neptune Beach mansion 11 years ago. We had a very nice time with Vernon Armstrong and his sister Mitzi who live across the street. They are wonderful people and have offered us assistance numerous times when we needed it from afar (Vernon knows our house better than we do). They are chompin' at the bit for us to be neighbors. I wrapped up the day walking on the beach at Hanna Park while Shirley did the laundry. I think I got the better of that deal. Enjoy the pics.

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