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Brindisi Harbor - Arrival

Mari & Ferry

Tim & Ferry - Yes, It's Cold!

Brindisi Harbor - Arrival


Overnight ferry 11pm to 7am...


Lucky us we just fell into the right location (& Hotel Torino which also has free WiFi, YES!:) to be able to walk to every place with info re: onward travel via ferry. Very helpful tour agency folks (3 different places before we get to the right one selling tickets to Albania). Overnight ferry (leaving at 11pm) but 'free shuttle just a few blocks away so we can go to ferry @ 7pm, hotel lets us leave bags until then.

Just lucky because being the cheap travelers we are, when we got here last night we missed seeing a hostel sign - it was really obvious this morning. If we had seen it we might have walked there(it's a long, LONG way - being cheap again) thus taking a lot of time/energy and ending up nowhere near where we needed to be this morning to discover and buy our ferry tickets! We might even have opted for a taxi (heaven forbid!), perhaps both to and from this area and COSTING us more than we might have saved staying at the hostel. Funny how random events intervene and as Bon is fond of saying, "All happens for the better if you don't push too much."??

Bon & Mari at internet (1 euro/20 min.), I am at hotel sipping tea and munching pastry.

After some last minute food shopping (you never know what you'll find food-wise on a ferry), we said fair well to our hotel and headed for the shuttle stop where we waited til 7. Then at the ferry terminal another 3 and a half hours while the police/document checkers took their time stamping us (all 45 passengers) out of Italy. Meanwhile, I met 2 young Belgium cycle tourists on a 10 month journey 'around' the Med. kind of - since they weren't allowed into Algeria so by-passed it via Sicily then just continued to Italy etc. skipping the rest of N. Africa.

In our cabin I find I've committed a major travel error big time by packing a banana and yogurt inside my very full day pack - messy messy messy!!!

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