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In Croton...Mari Collecting Her Sand

In Croton...Waiting at P.O., Watching the Funeral Announcement Being Posted!

In Croton...Waiting at P.O., Watching the Funeral Announcement Being Posted!

Funeral Car! Must Have Very Short Bodies Here, Ha!

Funeral Announcement

B & M Waiting at Train Station on Way to Brindisi

Agricultural Countryside

Agricultural Countryside


Still in Croton:

Another travel day...after a trip to the Post Office where, after an hour of waiting and attempting to understand/be understood, Mari sent off her package (they could not guarantee it would arrive - suggesting she find UPS). Bon & I decided to wait on our small parcel - mostly LPs we're done with.

Then the hike to train station and an afternoon switching trains 3 times and a bus link between stations to boot.

The Italian countryside is hugely agricultural in this Eastern seaboard...flat lands filled with 1000s of acres of mostly orange & olive groves intermixed with grape vineyards. It seems to me every yard has at least an orange tree and grape vine as well. We also passed thru an area of what appeared like peach or apricot or plum orchards in bloom plus open fields of wheat, produce, asparagus, and artichoke. Likewise, interspersed were greenhouses filled with?? crops.

Now in Brindisi at dusk...went to city center where we checked 3 hotels before we found Hotel Torino, which was the only one with a room for 3, incl brfst @ $70 euros. Walked the shee shee area around here, had THE BEST ice cream ever!!

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