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Leaving for Crotone

Leaving for Crotone

Leaving for Crotone

Mari (taking pic) & Bon On Ferry

Arriving, Mari is VERY Serious About Her Photography

Train Cars Unloading From Ferry

View From the Bus - Panini Land

View From the Bus - Get a Load of That Grape Vine@!!!

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Today was the first day I've opened the dry milk I carry to put on my cereal which I also carry. Until now breakfast (such as it is - usually tea, jam bread & butter) has been included in our cost of O.N.s! Bon & Mari feel no need to eat early, however, I have to eat w/in an hour of rising or I get crabby sooner, ha! Also, I really miss my granola!

Everywhere on the eastern side of the boot of Italy in the S. where the land is flat along the mediterranean are plots of oranges grapes olives produce even small fields of wheat! It's amazing to think these fields have been in cultivation for more than 2000 yrs.

The travel today consisted of a ferry, a bus, & a train. By ferry from Messina to Reggio di Calabria...the Italian transport system is very sensible, when we got off the ferry a bus stop was in front of the train station which was right next to the ferry terminal. In fact, the ferry transported the train passenger cars on tracks in the bottom of the ferry. An Italian man saw us and told us about catching the bus right there. I have found thus far even speaking no Italian every person I've asked for directions or information has been very nice either helping or apologizing for not knowing. You may wonder how I can understand them, well the truth is Italians are very expressive with their hands & gesturing! On the bus the ticket fellow also was very helpful, telling us which stop to get off since buses don't come to Crotone or at least it's easier by train. The stop was at the train station so very easy to hop off bus and we hardly had time to go to a restroom and get eats & drink before we were on our way again.

Not having any info about Crotone required that we walk toward the city center asking along the way for a hotel. We got to one near town center which turned out to be a 3 star place but the young fellow (son of owner) happily recommended a couple others down by the beach. We ended up at Hotel Tortorelli where we discovered to our dismay there don't seem to be any off season prices for those who are only staying one night!

Of course, this being a prime tourist destination in the first place didn't help our cause. Eighty euros for 3 of us with no breakfast is a new high, but the cheapest place in town (we've found no hostels so far). Once again we are in facilities way above the level we prefer simply because nothing lower is available!

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