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View from our room

Street pancakes



Tubing bars


Zip line

Cute girl running the bar





Jenelle's tubing war wound

Feb 26 to 27 Vang Vieng

Took a four hour bus ride through the rolling hills and around sharp curves to Vang Vieng. Hiked to a really cool cave high in the mountains. The cave was really big and long into the side of the mountain. Then we went to a natural spring coming out of the cave at the bottom and swan into the cave.

Next we went tubing down the river and it was sooooo much fun!! There's bars all along the first part and they throw ropes at you on your tube to pull you in. Each one also had fun activities and Ian went on the zip line and big slide. Then it took about three hours to float down the river to the end. Good thing our other group members were in kayaks and pulled us along because the river was really slow. While we were floating it looked like there were large rocks that we had to go around but once we got closer they were cows just hanging out. Jenelle hit a rock and got a big nasty blue and black bruise on her back. In the evening we hung out at restaurants that all played reruns of either "Family Guy" or "friends". The street venders also made the best pancakes!

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