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Good pic of granddaughter Miss Maya & son Tom...

Lisa and Maya, another good pic!

Check out those eyes!

Miss Jasmine, singing to great grandma & grandma...

Levi trying to get to his Aunt Bonnie through the glass, too...

He loved this bear, laughed & laughed!

Awwww, love this pic!

Great pic of Bonnie & Mom!

Mom arrived Thursday for her visit and left today. Boy, did that time fly by way too fast! We tried our best to keep her busy & I think we succeeded. We shopped, dined out a couple of meals, went to church Sunday and watched a couple of the shows we purchased last fall in Pigeon Forge, Tn. On Saturday Larry & Tawnia came over for a bbq and Mom finished teaching Jasmine the 'Skinny Marinky Dinky Doo' song. Too cute!

Tom & Lisa left Friday morning for their return trip to Oregon so Larry met them for breakfast before they headed to the airport. Yesterday our friends Brad & Bonnie arrived from South Dakota and today my cousin's arrived from California. Well, actually from Phoenix, as they attended last weekend's Nascar race & are now here for the upcoming Vegas race this weekend. Wow, have you noticed that our social calendar is quite full, lol!

Tomorrow we plan to take our friend Bonnie sightseeing, perhaps to Red Rock. Unfortunately the wind is supposed to blow 30 mph with gusts up to 70! Oh my. Not the best sightseeing weather. It was in the mid 70's today but is supposed to drop to 56 degrees on Wednesday as the cold front moves through. Hard to complain with all of the tragedy going on in other states. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families. Afterward I believe Brad will join us for dinner and hopefully a bit of music. Wednesday afternoon I have a doctor's appointment and then we're meeting cousin's Wayne & Judy for dinner. And Thursday morning Onyx has an appointment with the vet to get her teeth cleaned. My hubby is nervous over that one. Anesthesia always makes him nervous after losing a cat to it many years ago. But we know in our hearts that all will be fine.

So there you have it. We're staying very busy our last few days here in Vegas. We'll be heading to California soon. So please keep checking back. Should have some nice pics of the mountains and the beach soon!

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