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We saw these mountain sheep on a ridge during an ATV ride

An interesting rock formation, called a "hoodoo" by our trail boss, Pete

We stopped at Apache cabin on another ride

Rick climbing inside a huge pile of gigantic boulders during an ATV...

Lee (Kelli's son), Jeff, Laura, Jamison & Lisa at the Christmas gathering

The Quartzsite bookstore owner. Me talking to Paul about my book and...

Paul Winer, owner of Reader's Oasis Books in Quartzsite AZ

Paul posing with Dave & Julie Kiracofe. They came down from Lake...

General Patton museum

A truly tiny chapel. This is open to all residents and travelers.

The city park in San Luis, Mexico

Agriculture harvest on the north side of Yuma AZ (lettuce)

The only native palm trees tucked into a remote crevace in the...

Jerome Arizona fire station and a couple homes up the hill

Sedona Arizona - view from near the airport

Anna playing in the water at Alamo Lake

Another view of Alamo Lake

A view of the entrance of our RV Resort

A view of about 2/3 of the park, including the club house...

It's hard to believe that we have been in Arizona for three months, but sure enough, it's true!

We have both managed to stay plenty busy.

As our last entry depicts, ATV riding is a big thing here. Rick has gone on rides several days each week - only twice by himself. There are always others in the park willing to go out. Every ride brings something different and interesting to see. I have gone several times and enjoyed every outing.

The book I wrote came out in paperback just days before Christmas so we dashed up to Boise to get the first 100 books. The two thousand mile trip in 4 and a half days was exhausting but worth every minute. We secretly made arrangements with Rick's sister, Kelli, to surprise Laura, Lisa and Jeff at their holiday gathering in Boise. We were all sure this would be the first Christmas without being able to spend time together so it was awesome to show up un-announced.

Book sales began immediately. I visited with the owner of the bookstore in Quartzsite. The owner, Paul Winer, is a very unique but loving and generous person. He invites all authors to gather and promote their books under a tarp canopy area he has set up just outside the bookstore. Authors are free to come and go as they choose and it's all free of charge. Sales were good enough that I had to order my second one hundred books early in February. In addition to book sales, Rick and I have made wonderful new friends there.

We've made a few side trips during our stay here. We first explored Salome - where Harold and Billie Applewhite winter, and then to Wickenburg. There are a few more small communities in between - like Harcuvar, Aguilla, Wenden, and Hope. On either side of the little burg of Hope is a sign stating "Your Now Beyond Hope". - yes, "Your" should really be "You're", but we're guessing there's a story behind the spelling. Another trip was to Goodyear/Avondale - just west of Phoenix. The next destination was to Algadonas Mexico. Everyone said how easy it was to get there - " just go through's right there!" So we got to Yuma just fine. We went through Yuma and parked just north of the border and walked across. Well, it wasn't Algadonas but it was definitely Mexico. We were in San Luis Del Colorado. Algadonas is where everyone goes for their prescriptions and dental work. You could probably get prescriptions in San Luis but there were only one or two dentists. Algadonas has the highest density of dentists in a four block area in the entire world. Once we got home and googled it we found out that you have to be in California to cross into Algadonas. Not one person that said how easy it was ever mentioned California. Oh well, we had a unique experience.

Another trip took us to Prescott (which is pronounced "press cutt"), Jerome and Sedona. Jerome Arizona is a small mining town built on the side of a steep mountainside. The little boutiques have shirts saying "I survived the 158 hairpin turns" (might be 156 - I can't remember). Yes the road is very very very winding, mostly 15 to 25 mph climbing to the 5088 ft elevation. We drove into a recreation area so Anna could play in the snow. Continuing east we approached the Sedona valley. What a beautiful sight when you get your first look at the red rock mountains and interesting rock formations. Sedona is a community that attracts artists and those interested in the spiritual power of the four vortex(s) scattered throughout the town. It was interesting enough that we found a hotel that allowed pets and stayed the night. We would like to return and explore more, but we got a good taste of what Sedona has to offer.

Our last side trip took us to Alamo Lake. Anna was so excited when she saw the water. She hadn't been in water since we left Needles.

Oh yeah, we also went over to Indio California, toured the General Patton museum and drove into the Joshua Tree National Park and explored the Kofa National Refuge.

Today Rick drove to Phoenix so he could go to a spring-training game (Seattle/SanDiego). The weather was perfect at about 82 degrees and the game was tied in the top of the nineth. Seattle ended up winning in the bottom of the inning.

We have a lot of pictures so if you would like to see more just send us a message and we'll post more.

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