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Wiki Info Mdina

3-1 After purchasing tickets to the Hypergeum and ferry to Sicily, we hopped a bus (purchased 7 day unlimited pass at airport) to the Mdina, ancient walled capital of Malta. The LP had a fine guided tour written up saving us the price of local guide and thus payed for the LP to boot! Also, three cheers for the exorbitantly priced museum entries - needless to say I'm not keen on museums -because even at the oldsters price, Bon & Mari weren't tempted, ha! The trip around the 'old' place gave new meaning to the historic and ongoing battles of religious zealots. Every building and at every turn were architectural monuments to man's cruelty to his fellow man in the name of myths each held out as purposes for slaughter when in reality they were only into power and control to amass wealth. Too familiar, too here and now! Of course, the emphasis today is on the architecture and peace and quiet of the narrow streets peopled by tourists snapping photos by the dozens. Later we went to see cliff dwellings near Dingli which were purported to have been occupied by Troglodytes as well as the highest point in all of Malta. On a 6-8 km hike on the road paralleling the cliffs we searched in vain for the mysterious prehistoric ruts in the sandstone. Back on a bus we spent the next 3 hours riding all round the area takings in the high class Sliema tourist district, the harbors, yacht marinas, and all the major waterfront sights as well as a drive by of Buskett Gardens planted by Knights as a hunting grounds surrounding General Palace built in 1586 as a hunting retreat (this area now the only forested part of Malta)! As true and faithful Americans we ended our day at Micky Ds, the only really cheap food we could find (as well as the best bathrooms and Mari loves their coffee)! Again I cannot say enough good things about Malta's very efficient, economical bus system. With one of the densest populations in the world and over 350,000 vehicles crowded on this tiny plot of ground, we still could move about in comfort and ease w/o great traffic snarls. A local gentleman told me it was just put into operation 6 months ago...he also said locals complain about it all the time but then he said, "That's what we do best, complain!" Everywhere in this part of the world traffic is dealt with via roundabouts. The ratio of roundabouts to stoplights I'd say is nearly 1:30, but Americans just don't get it. We'd rather stick to the reverse ratio!! Another myth of America Number One bites the dust if you ask me!

Wiki Info Culture of Malta

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