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I got a call the night before with the offer of a job. I was ment to meet for an interview in the City at 11.15am.

Got out of the shower at 10am and headed back to my room. Got a message on my phone form one of the Ladies I worked with the week before.

"Are you ok? Bombs on bus's and train's"

I thought wow what is going on. I turn on the tv at the same time I call mum. I found out that there had been 7 bombs (what they thought at the time, now they know it was 4).

Told mum I couldn't talk as I had to go but just wanted to tell her I was ok. Out of the flat and heading to the Bus stop. On the bus and got about 1km. The bus driver pulled over and said "everyone please change" when we got off he shut the doors and we all realised that there would be no bus for us to hop onto.

Ok its time to walk. I headed into the city. It was about 5km into westminster on the way I saw hardly any cars or bus's just 1000's of people walking into the City and police and ambulances going past every minute or two.

I got into Picadilly Circus and finally could ring the agency where I had the interview, they said "go home and call back tomorrow".

Ok time to get out of the city, the only way was to walk. Just then it started raining and I still had 7km to go. Once out of Zone 1 the bus's where running so I cought the number 35 and got home to dry off and watch the tv to find out what had happened.

Andrew was out in grenwich and it took him 2 hours to travel back to london bridge which normally takes 10 min. And he got home around 10pm after finishing off at work.

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