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Floods 5 March 2012

Wiki Info on Bizerte


Took a trip to Bella Regia

Wiki Info on Bella Regia

and then tried to continue on to Chemtou but there was a blockade on the street (the driver seemed to indicate that it was a political deal). We took off by louage at noon direct to Bizerte - virtually no wait. On the way we saw a lot of evidence of extensive flooding, army in one village (Bou Salem) and even a boat helping people. In Bizerte we checked out two LP hotels, Hotel de la Plate - not good, and ended up at Hotel Africain...really cheap (10 Dinars ea=$US 7.50), 3 beds in a room, no heat (gave us xtra blankets), bathroom down stairs - no hot water!

Went to find dinner - La Cuisine Tunisienne - where I had a couscous veggie soup, veggie/cheese omlet w/ french fries, Tunisian salad=chopped tomato, onion, hard boiled egg wedges, & olives w/ tuna on top, and spaghetti ginha, which the waiter explained was black chicken spaghetti, BIG chicken he said with a huge laugh. Turned out the BIG black chicken was pork! Moslems don't eat pork, therefore, I was eating black chicken, ha! Went to a cafe (took us 3 stops to find a place serving tea, these cafes all serve tiny cups of thick, black coffee - men sitting around perhaps playing cards) after dinner - looking for someplace warm/out of the wind, it's cloudy and threatening rain - where we watched a soccer match on big screen TV.

Retired to our room under blankets to read! It's 7pm, going to be a long nite....

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