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Gold Finches

Hobbie is really watching the birds

We are having a tough time updating the travel blog. Our desert oasis of an RV park has exceeded their usage limits with their internet provider. David is convinced it is my fault for all of the Facebooking, Hulu'ing, etc. that I have been up to. How else am I going to keep up with "The Biggest Loser"? With no tv reception except Univision, I even had to stream the Manchester United game via SkyTV! I didn't hear him complaining about that!

I admit that I am likely the one responsible for the situation that we are in now. But I think the park should just up their usage limit. Instead, they killed the router, and I am now reduced to driving 5 miles up the road to a high point where I can get cell phone reception and thus, use my Hot Spot (Hey, now!). But as much as I love my big butt truck, this is not the most comfortable position to be sitting in for a couple of hours. And I certainly can't do this every day.

We had a great time last Saturday going to SDSU's first Spring soccer game. And we were very proud of Hannah starting the game, and scoring 2 goals in the first half. It is so nice to see her hard work paying off. We will stick around for two more weekends, and then start on the road toward Austin.

On the positive side, I am almost finished with my taxes, so I guess the lack of internet distraction is a good thing.

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