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We had an great day here in Pebble Beach! We havent done so many things, just taking in the inviroment a bit. Flying wasn't scary at all! It was like my father sad: Like going with the bus, and it was an realiving feeling when I felt that it wasn't scary at all to fly.

After we landed we packed everything into an rent car. We hade to rent an big car because all of us of course hade our golf bags with us and they take big storingplace. We then drove the remaining bit to Pebble Beach.

When we entered the hotel and I were really surprised how nice the hotel was, everything were in order and we hade som guys that worked at the hotel that carried our bags to our rooms! I have never seen an hotel that were in so good quality

and hade an staff that cared so much about our well being. It was amazing. And that wasn't the only thing that were amazing, we toke an short look at the golfcourse.. and wow! The texture and how the nature comes into the course is increadible! In other ordinary golf courses you dont need to consider the nature as an obstacle in your golfplaying, but here you sometimes need to play around obstacle like wather barrier or threes that stands in the middle or hanging into the course, I think that is really cool. Because now you need to think before you stroke the ball insteed of just playing, it makes golf to more like an stradegi sport.

Now i'm sitting in our room and just relaxing, going to sleep soon. Tomorrow we are going to play golf all day, really fun!

Good bye.

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