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Our first complete day of just travel...out of hotel by _a, to train station where we just missed the train. The kind fellow there saw our displeasure and told us we could catch it at the next town. So 5 dinars later we did just that. The typical pushing/shoving game to get on and in a seat. Of course, Bon being practiced at it got us all seats poste haste. A 4 hour ride to Gabes; then 2 hours to Medenine, then 2 more to Tataouine arriving at 5pm or so. Short walk to Hotel Hamsa and another helpful proprietor told us our options for sites to visit tomorrow.


Once again B of A, credit card folks have blocked our card when we attempted to buy airline tickets to Malta! We had attempted to get ferry passage from Tunis with no luck so Bon spent several hours searching before locating these reduced rate tickets. Since we had no internet for several days we did not know our tickets were not confirmed until last nite. Luckily, the internet in Tataouine just 2 doors away from our hotel had Skype and scanner. Also, fortunately this internet opened at 9am, so Bon, having spoken to and clearing up our VISA snafoo (they still will only track our card for 90 days according to the travel plan we submitted to their security dept) was able to email a copy of our Passports & credit card as per airline instructions in order to issue plane tickets! All this because US credit card companies refuse to allow the chips which are in every other country in the world! And this way our credit info is MORE secure??

After a day visiting Berber sites - Chenini, Douiret, & Ksar Ouled Soltane with our wonderful taxi driver ( 60 Dinars), Dhokar Kalifa from Tataouine Rogba, we decided to go for a walk. Bon asked where we'd like to go and without any hesitation and even suggesting the direction to head in Mari said "Let's walk to the beach!" Now those of you who know her are aware of how slow she travels, but this suggestion even took us by surprise! Mari was still back in Soussa where we were two days before! I guess her body is able to move faster than her mind now, ha!

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