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Arr here in Sousse as a result of missing the midday train to Gabes...must be at station with ticket in hand half hour before...this case 1pm but we arr at 1:05. Found Hotel Fares just a block fro, station. Man at the desk very nice but no bargaining price yet it was quite reasonable @ 40 dinars / 3 persons or 28 US with hot shower and breakfast (egg,baguette,tea,milk,juice,butter,and fig jam).

This evening I experienced what Mari has been complaining about for some time, the difficulty with using restrooms in Tunisia. First off, every public and hotel/hostel based restroom is equipped w/ a bidet type sprayer hanging on a hook next to the toilet. I haven't been using this since the first time I attempted it and found the water so COLD my posterior froze up! In addition, I ended up using TP anyway, which I have done from then until this eve. In the States we find especially in men's rooms the little homely, "We aim to please, please aim too!" Says it all however, here I see no such homely and the aim of the bidet sprayer seems to be all over the place in these (especially) public restrooms! This presents the further problem of wet floors and seats! You see the difficulty at once if you have run out of TP and not practiced the cold water rear shower. It is quite difficult to squat/hover above the seat (having nothing to dry anything with), as well as protect pants from touching the floor! Now I see clearly Mari's predicament at the train station where she went earlier today, pack on back (no place to hang it OR her fannypack & handbag) in a room/booth the size of a linen closet. Having already PAID for the privilege to use this squat pot, she was not going to leave to rid herself of the offending paraphernalia only to return and paid again...besides, her engagement there was most immediate and pressing if you get my drift. Needless to say all did not go well and her ensuing attitude reflected the entire episode. I can now sympathize with her predicament entirely. Just another "Move-on" moment in our journey.

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