Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

A study in concentration

Travellin' east

The museum

The REAL place

The saloon where the "Judge" passed judgment

It says here you're a horse thief

Just months before Lilly did come to town

The judge's house in the sames spot maybe 30 yards from the...

The grounds

The grounds

Over the bridge

Original windmill

Pecos River

Lake Amistad

Lookin' out my backdoor

Blocking the road

Home away from home

Another view

Steps from the bar

Lyle, Mitzey & Elvira

For some who don't know my background, I was a radio announcer for 13 of my 35 years of working. Don Imus was an announcer (shock jock) at the time when I was in college trying to learn my trade from the best. Whether you like Imus or not, I do. He had a shtick, a talent no one else had. Good or bad he was unique. Now, Don Imus is still on the radio and a gift to society with his wife who give a significant amount of their fortune to help cancer patients both kids and adults. WHY the title of this blog? Imus, in his irreverence, had a character on his show "The Right Rev. Dr. Billy Sol Hargus of Del Rio Texas". THAT is where we are as I write! Sorry for the diatribe but I could not wait to do this blog knowing since I was 20 years old where the fictional Billy Sol Hargus was from and we are here. Enough. On our way we stopped at an oasis in the desert. The brown signs said turn here for the Judge Roy Bean historical site. "Justice west of the Pecos" was real. We saw the saloon and pool hall where he meted out justice as he waited for Lilly Langtry to come to the town he named after her (Langtry). These were the actual buildings in the same place as the legend. The Texas DOT funded this exhibit (wonder where they get the money). Then on to Walmart and fuel in Del Rio. Groceries purchased and fuel dispensed, we drove to our nightly rest. Well, if we thought we were in the lap of luxury last night, that had nothing on tonight's fare. We got one of the two remaining sites and ours is blocking one of the roads into and out of the campground. True, but for our inconvenience it is only costing $13 for full hookups and the bar is but 70 feet from our back door. We met a wonderful couple, Lyle & Elvira, from North Dakota. They are recent arrivals to the campground and plan on "wintering" in Texas. Enjoy the pics.

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