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Austin got nudged by this guard's sword , after I placed him...

Big Ben n the Houses of Parliment

This ones for you Cecelia ....


Queens Horsemen

London Bus

Nelson Colum

Buckingham Palace

Piccadilly Circus

River Thames

River Thames

Trafalgar Square

Westminister Abbey

Well this is farewell London, I love your heart, your soul and your history, I shall be back.

Austin is not having a good day, the Queens guard shoved him with his sword when he mounted his arm .... Poor Austin, he has mixed feelings about London, though he had a great time visiting the Dr, I am not sure he wants to return to such hostility n filleting.

Today is probably going to be the last post for a while, tomorrow we head to the place I grew up and lived in until I was 15 years old and whisked away to live in Australia.

The Town is called Lutterworth and is located in Leicestershire, I have not been back since I left in 1978, sooooo with trepidation, I return to wander down childhood memory lane.

I will also meet up with a very old friend - we lived opposite each other in Lutterworth and spent our childhood in the same location and shared a lot of milestones, so Jennifer I shall be seeing you tomorrow, can't wait :)

We will be picking up the Camping van on Monday in Luton, near London and on Tuesday we head to Paris, I shall keep journaling as long as we can get close to wifi.

Hope you are enjoying my journey as much as I am living it. So, farewell for now

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