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The Jealous Heart Band

Wilbur and Donna Jacobs

Bill & Sharon Wagner and Donna Jenkins and Richard Beale

Al & Miriam Hight

Jack & Char Leach (in front)

Ralph & Shirley Ress and Donna Lewis

Mickey and Mary Hazlett

That's Us

Isabel and Archie Van Beek, Our New Neighbors

Archie won a prize so had to draw the next winner

The crowd at the dance

Bill wearing the bracelets that were on the table as earrings!

A close up of his earrings!

Tonight we went to the Valentine's Dance here at Winter Ranch. The Jealous Heart Band played. They aren't our favorite since they play a lot of music that no one can dance to and you have to sit around and wait for them to figure out what they are going to play next. They have a huge following of people though who have been coming to see them for years so if the park books them, they make a ton of money. So, we are stuck with them, I guess! Although if they keep it up and another band comes along they will start losing people, you can bet on that. It has happened to other popular bands here in the Valley.

We had a great time though as we were with our friends here from the park. We can have fun just sitting around and talking. We are with a bunch of joksters!

We talked our friends, Mickey and Mary Hazlett, into being the leads for the event. They don't dance but they like to listen to the music. Next year they've signed on to be leads for four dances as we have. They won't do it for Jealous Heart again because they aren't their favorite of the bands that play here either. We like to volunteer to be the leads when Jealous Heart plays since they aren't our favorite band but we don't like to be the lead couple when we really like the band because then we miss out on dancing. The lead couples come early and get things set up, make sure everything goes all right, counts the money from the three doors, pays the band and then helps close up. It really isn't too much work but you lose out on dancing a full set so we try not to let anyone talk us into it when one of our favorite bands are playing.

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