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It was a rugged hike





It was a bit nippy

Settin' a spell


And more


The terrain

From the mountain top

Dug out home after the rock dwellers left


White Mountain

Chaple Santa Nino

Trading post Three Rivers NM

The boys hitched up

We did go

Sons of the Pioneers

Yesterday promised to clear but really didn't. Had some light rain and winds. It didn't deter us and we headed to see the petroglyphs about 25 miles away. In pre-historic times people lived in this area of what is now New Mexico on the rocky hills. They built shelter and decorated the rocks with stone etched pictures (petroglyphs). It was amazing how well these have stood up. Not much is known about these people other than what was left behind. For Valentines Day we got dressed in red and treated each other to a live performance of the western/cowboy singing group Sons of the Pioneers. We saw them when we were at the Grand Ole Opry. Roy Rogers was an original member! The remodeled theater operated by the Alamogordo Arts council holds 550 and virtually all the seats were full. They had a chocolate bar set up with plenty of varieties of things to eat. Shirley loves chocolate and she had her fill and mine. Chocolate is not one of my vices. The show was great but we could not take pictures during the performance but did manage to get a couple of things for you. Off to Carlsbad Caverns for a couple of days. Enjoy the pics.

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