Left today with no real destination other than the "lake district" which sounded good in the LP...Bus to Elblag where we looked into going to Mikolajki or Gizycko, not much help here so we got a bus to Olsztyn which is more of a jumping off/transport center...again, due to scheduling(buses to where we wanted to go were not connecting and we wanted to get to lake district early enuf to do some hiking or ???)...connection to Mikolajki was not going to help us getting out of Poland next day so we went on to Gizycko which was supposed to be a town at the end of one of the largest lakes in the area. As the bus pulled in 2 hours later we all realized this was NOT where we wanted to stay, plus it was now past 4 and no real time to hike or ?? The town is really a big city, with Russian style cement apt. houses in row upon row, altho they were painted at least. We stayed on the bus and saw a very nice lake, with lots of sailing going on but not very much else to give it interest. Actually, on our way to Suwalki, the jumping off town to Lithuania, we passed thru a couple of smaller lake villages which would have been more to our likes but no real places to stay or catch transport next day so...

This town is a mystery to us, no mention in LP, we hiked a bit, 2 km couldn't decide which direction and finally found a hotel where the desk gal spoke English and informed us they were full. She called 7 other hotels until she located one 1 1/2 Km down the way for us...this am we had the biggest breakfast I've eaten which has been included in the price of ON! Half of it went into my pack for lunch! Now we head here to internet and since it is 9:30 and the bus leaves at 10 for the border I must say "til later...

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