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Aaawwee!! Isn't it cute??

What's that baby doing there??!!

In the morning we explored the town and went to the Allied War Memorial where soldiers who died building the Thailand to Burma Railway - 'Death Railway' are buried. There are soldiers from Australia, Britain Holland and some others.

In the afternoon we went to Tiger Temple where monks take in orphaned tiger cubs and raise them. They were so amazing!!!! There were about 6 adults and 5 cubs. They were almost like domestic animals the way you could go up and pat them, although we had to be quiet and go one at a time, and we couldn't go near the 'leader of the pack'. We could only go in the afternoon when it is hot, and they are normally asleep so that they are really docile.

There were other animals at the place like goats, deer, water buffalo and lots of peacocks. It was so cool and so far is the highlight of the trip!!!!!

What else can I say, the pictures tell the story!!

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