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Every day here feels like it flies by I have come to realize. I feel like Im constantly doing something, which is great but also exhausting. Today I had class at 9am, in Winona if I had 9am class I would wake up at 830, grab some cereal quick and run out the door and make it to my class no problem. Here, I have to be up at like 7- usually 720 because I reset my alarm multiple times, because I have to catch the bus at 8:15 and it takes about 40 minutes to get to the St. Peters campus. The campus is really only about 2.5 miles from my dorm, so I usually walk back after my classes but at 8am there is NO way I am walking anywhere. I got done with class at noon and walked back to Clanny House with Emily, a girl in my building who is in the study abroad program who just happens to be in my class. Once I got back to my flat I started looking at plane tickets because a group of us are going to Ireland for St. Patricks day. About an hour into looking at flights my flatmate Simon calls me asking if I want to go to the beach with him, Erin and Melanie. Of course I couldnt turn down seeing the beach especially since we are supposed to get rain/snow for the next three days. So I get back on the bus and head back to St. Peters. Long story short, we walked along the river for about 2 hours and went all along the beaches and to the pier and the lighthouse. Beautiful. Windy, very windy, but so beautiful. People ask me why I chose Sunderland, thats why I chose Sunderland. For the opportunity to live on the water like that, its amazing. I feel so lucky to be able to live here.

A few random things I have noticed...

- Food is weird. Ketchup is rare at restaurants and you typically have to pay for it. Chip flavors are creepy! Flavors like BBQ Ribs, shrimp cocktail, and chicken pot pie are a few prime examples. Grape jelly is unheard of and they all think we are weird for liking grape jelly. Mayo is used like ketchup.

- You will get nice locals and mean locals. Some people here look at us like we are aliens and hate that we are here and will tell us that they hate that we are here. Others are very interested in us and just ask us lots of questions which is cool.

- Stores, especially grocery stores are run very differently than home. At home cashiers will chat with you and ask you questions, here its move as fast as possible. No chatting, no questions just move move move. Which is kind of annoying, but Im getting used to it.

- Most people are dressed nicely all the time. No matter how early in the morning it is and how cold it is, girls are in tights and skirts, makeup done, hair curled, everything.

- The Germans students I live with are probably the coolest people I have met here so far. They are so nice and so funny but can sometimes really generalize about Americans. My flatmate Melanie has this idea in her head of the "typical American" and Im trying to make her understand that you cant generalize every American because of what you see on TV. Im hoping by the end of this experience everyone including myself obviously will come away with a new respect and understanding of people from other countries.

- Our tv shows, movies, celebrities everything are basically worldwide. My German flatmates know Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, Breaking Bad, everything. For some reason that totally shocked me. I assumed they created, filmed, acted and everything from Germany. I thought they might have similar shows with German actors, but they have our exact shows and just have dubbing over the voices in German- so crazy.

Last but not least me and for sure 7 other people, probably closer to 10-15 people are going to Ireland for St. Patricks day!!! Someone mentioned the idea and we all just ran with it. Our plane tickets and hostel are booked and I cant wait! We will be going Friday morning to Sunday night. I have no idea what to expect but Im sure it will be a crazy experience. We wont have a ton of time to really see a lot of Ireland so I plan to do a short trip to Scotland and Ireland over my 3 week Easter break but I have time before that comes. We are going to Belfast and Im beyond excited. I need to go buy some green clothes! Time to get some much needed sleep now, Im not used to this waking up at 7am thing yet.

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