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Hi All,

Well another trip has commenced. A bit late in departure due to a delay in the arrival of one of our travelling companions caravan but after several false starts and 2 weeks waiting in a local caravan park we set off. Our travelling companions are Ros and Trevor from Brisbane who we met 2 years ago when we went around Australia and Barry and Lois a long time friend and ex work collegue from home. It was his van that was delayed. Ros and Trev had already left and we were to catch them up when the van arrived.

Our original plan was to travel to the head of the Murray River (one of Australia's lon)gest) and follow it by road (about 1,000 kms in road running) its entire length (2375kms in actual water runs). Due to the almost unprecedented extreme wet that occured in that region our plans had to change and we will run to its mouth via the coastal route that we did last year but stay and look at different towns and regions.

Our initial run was 2 quick nights to near Sydney to see some of Barry and Lois's friends and also some of our friends from Wollongong nearby then to go to Batemans Bay to catch up with Ros and Trevor.

Now we are all together we can slow down, smell the roses and enjoy all that the country offers and take lots of photos.


Mum and Dad


Anne and Marco

GM and GD

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