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Boyce Thompson Arboretum is a 320 acre state park east of Phoenix near the town of Superior, AZ. Their website describes Boyce Thompson as follows: "As you approach the Arboretum on Highway 60 you'll see towering Picketpost Mountain dominating the southern horizon. The Arboretum brings together plants from the Earth's many and varied deserts and dry lands and displays them alongside unspoiled examples of the native Sonoran Desert vegetation. No matter what the season, you will enjoy a moving and memorable experience of the beauty, majesty, and mystery of arid land plants. You will also enjoy the many natural communities that form the arid land environment. Memorable experiences await you as you walk the Main Trail; you will see enthralling, otherworldly shapes and forms in the Cactus Garden. You will also find peaceful reflection in the cool shade of towering trees in Queen Creek Canyon; and intellectual stimulation in the many and varied displays at the Smith Interpretive Center. You may enjoy a quiet and intimate time at the Wing Memorial Garden; as well as inspiration for home or business landscapes at the Demonstration Gardens of Low Water-demanding Plants. You will see expansive southwestern vistas visible from the High Trail. There are many gardens here; so find your special places among them."

We enjoyed walking along a few of the trails, and dogs are allowed. Stitch had a blast!

The park has over 3200 desert plants with speices from African, Australian, South American, Asian and and Mediterranean as well as the Sonoran Desert.

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