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The National Anthem

The Killer Bees

Mascot - Sir Sting-A-Lot

Contest During Intermission

JD in the Activities Office gave us free tickets to the Killer Bees game tonight. The Killer Bees are the Rio Grande Valley Hockey Team. Since my knee has been giving me fits, we decided to take him up on it. We aren't avid hockey fans, but it is fun once in awhile. The Killer Bees played Wichita Thunder tonight and Wichita just plain outclassed them. Wichita won 4-1 and it was probably an easy win for them!

When we came in to the arena we were given these blow-up hockey sticks for noise makers. Lee blew his up and made noise throughout the game. I just kept mine in my purse. I think our grandson, Tommy, will enjoy them since he is playing hockey!

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