Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Trunk of the rose tree

Looking up at the branches

Looking down on the branches

Good bye Tombstone

Vista on the way to Sierra Vista

Buffalo Soldier

The generations

WAC looked so real


Parade grounds

Over 11,000 are statiioned at this Fort today

Room for all

Scene from camp

Those boys got in our board game

We started our day with a very nice breakfast at the campground. They have a small restaurant in their home with 5 tables. Great conversation with other campers and an excellent meal. Before we left Tombstone we went to the one attraction we wanted to see but ran out of time Friday, The Rose Tree museum. Honest, the biggest rose tree in the world is there. This tree was planted in 1885 and is still healthy and growing. Wait 'till you see the pictures. They also had an excellent museum which depicted one of Tombstone's first families. We walked through the western town one more time. It is really very interesting. Folks come just to dress up in period costumes and walk around. So there are cowboys and saloon girls all over the place and they aren't even being paid. Next we drove to Sierra Vista where Fort Hauchuca (Wah-CHOO-ah)is. Sounds like a sneeze hence the stretch for the blog title. Anyway this fort was built to protect the settlers from Indian attacks in the 1870's. It remains a military installation and is now the Army's headquarters for Information Systems Command and the Army's main Intelligence Center. Most notably, this fort is where the Buffalo Soldiers were trained and deployed from the late 1800's through WWII. The Buffalo Soldiers are black and were segregated by the US Army. While there were other sights in the US where black soldiers were trained separate from their white counterparts, Ft. Hauchuca by far trained the most. The Buffalo Soldiers are legendary for their exploits in all the wars during those years. The grounds were amazing. All the buildings have been refurbished and there are still soldiers living in them. The museum was excellent and even I read most of the descriptions. Then we headed to Kartchner Caverns State Park. Our TMM friends Charlie and Sheri (many of you remember them)are park volunteers and we are sharing their spot in the volunteer campground. Charlie prepared an excellent pasta dish, salad and bread while Sheri made a super good cake. We concluded the evening playing Give Me Five, a board game that was handmade by Shirley's Uncle Bob. Hard to believe we are approaching our 11 month on the road anniversary. Where has the time gone? We are thinking about staying out now until September. We are just having too much fun. Enjoy the pics.

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