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Cooking sausages on our new stove top grill - can also be...

February 4 Burger Bash - Joan, Mavis, Ken, Larry and Eric. This...

We try to build a tower of beer cups but we're not...

Maureen made cowboy hats out of the Pringles single serving containers.

Golfing at Desert Hills Golf Course, Feb 12 - Long-Billed Curlew

Joan and Eric watching a shot



View from 7th green


More Canadian visitors

American Coots

Palm tree

Windy day

Road Runner

Water tower

Long-eared Jackrabbit

Panoramic view from 14th hole

We had to get over the water on this hole.

Jim and Cheryl from Reno

Maureen is almost running out of things to say (is that possible?)- ways to say how wonderful the weather has been!

We've met some great new people here and re-connected with other friends. Joan and Eric - who we met in St. Andrews, New Brunswick and with whom we've spent a number of happy hours, golfed and been to Mexico. Don and Wendy - who we have known for 20 years from Surrey. Ken and Mavis - who we have known for even longer and who arrived here in January from Vernon. Jim and Cheryl - from Reno who we have had many happy hours with since arriving and who we will definitely be visiting again. Carl and Linda - from Lebanon, Oregon who we will probably see again when passing through Oregon.

We have some impressions of Yuma to share: PLANES - Harrier jets, helicopters, nearby airport TRAINS - self explanatory - the 3:10 to Yuma actually goes through almost hourly 24/7 AUTOMOBILES - diesel trucks, ATV's, motorcycles (and this is all from the owners across the street) DUST - lots of dust - especially when the wind blows, which is almost every day. Fortunately the sites in this park are covered with gravel so it keeps it down considerably.

We go to the Burger Bash every Saturday for lunch which costs $3.50 plus Free Beer. Each Saturday we stay longer (Free Beer)! There's usually very good live music playing from noon to 3.

On February 5 we had a Super Bowl party. It was nice enough to stay outside watching the game until the start of the 4th quarter when it became too cold and we all went inside. There was 8 of us. Linda brought an appetizer, Joan brought corn bread and pecan pie, Cheryl brought salad, Maureen made a big batch of chili. Larry drew up a pool and Carl and Linda won three quarters and the reverse final score!

On February 12 we golfed with Joan and Eric at Desert Hills Municipal Course. It was quite long and 18 holes. We were all exhausted by the end of it! We stopped for Papa Murphy's Pizza on the way home.

The 15th leaves us with two weeks left in Yuma.

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